SoniCo Works, New Delhi
A workspace for multiple brands and start-up companies owned by different members of a family, sits in a commercial hub in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, covering an area of 2200 sq.ft. The brief required of us to create a simple yet functional setting, which would encourage co-working for their new ventures. Unlike a predictable corporate office space, the design brief emerged from the philosophy of making the workplace feel like an extension of the home with minimalistic, fresh and modern yet classic aesthetics. Obvious integration of practical elements that require the space to function for a business was also considered.

The Site & Process

The site has a rectangular spatial configuration consisting of a small grid of beams and columns, which is reminiscent of its old construction. A stairway punctuates the floor plate dividing it into an approximate proportion of one fourth. These structural elements largely influenced the fundamental guiding factor in layout planning. The smaller footprint on the right bathes in abundant natural light, which led to an instinctive choice to plan for three director cabins of the various companies. The left side being larger was planned to be the co-sharing space with an open seating plan, smaller cabins/meeting rooms, a conference room and service areas that include a pantry and toilets. Designing a space that could be dynamically used amongst multiple companies under one roof was one of the challenges in the design process. Extensive amount of time was invested in design detailing and planning. Our client was closely involved throughout the project in its various aspects. Possessing a fine taste for design and keen eye for detailing, he was instrumental in the outcome of the project. We hoped to create a setting where creative energies of these young businesses and start up’s are fostered.


A fluted glass door with partial visibility welcomes you into a shell largely described with white walls and a seamless warm grey micro-concrete floor with natural light filtering in through a full height glazing that overlooks a green landscape. This casual bigger half of workspace has been visually divided by using space dividers in metal and pin up boards from area to area bringing a certain amount of privacy to the seniors of the organization without compromising on the essence of working together as a team. All cabins and rooms are enclosed using clear glass and powder coated aluminum partitions. Various zones in the otherwise open space are subtly distinguished by using combination of flooring materials such as wooden floor and patterned cement tiles. The ceiling scape is carefully planned to contain services while retaining the open beam networked ceiling in middle to take advantage of the height. The heavy structure is dressed in classic cornices to become coves that support the illumination. Hints of warmth have been brought in through rich walnut polished ceilings and cabinetry. The formal one fourth of the space comprises of the director cabins that are illustrated with classic white panels, ceilings with cornices and a herringbone wooden floor. These classic elements are offset with sharp modern furniture pieces.


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