Mumbai / 2017 / Area 600 sq. ft

Team : Vritima Wadhwa, Dhriti Gupta

Outhouse is an everlasting romance between their passion for jewellery and love for story telling. While the brand does have some classic nuances, the characteristics that stand out are it’s boldness, confidence and their unapologetic spirit. They are about the finer details that one may not notice at the first glance.

Sitting in the heart of Bandra, the space displays the bold values of Outhouse using a minimal and clean route. The existing eclectic boundaries dissolved into simpler ones to ensure that their statement pieces stand out. The space should be able to adapt to the brand’s evolving collections that goes from bold to elegant from time to time.

The outhouse store is divided into four quadrants with a coloumn in the centre. A cement punned façade with white ash frames and wicker shutters welcome you into this serene space. The bottom two quadrants of the store showcase maximum of the jewellery display, with the cash counter being tucked in on the top right quadrant. The cash counter also sits behind sliding folder wicker panels and doubles up as a bar during events. A small private enclosure in the top left quadrant serves as the Outhouse Couture Room for private one-on-one interactions, hence giving the customer the luxurious Outhouse experience through a bespoke service to help them pick the right pieces.

The character of the store owes itself to the chosen materials. Ash Wood and wicker stained in white add a sense of serenity to the store and juxtapose the brand’s signature colours—salmon pink, grey and accents of brass. While the salmon pink can be seen creating a highlight with little white chips in the terrazzo floor and custom table tops, the walls remain humble in a lime based grey paint finish. The store is characterized with varied kinds of shelving and storage systems-from tall display cabinets to low height vitrines. To conclude, the minimalistic elements and humble finishes come together beautifully to create a bold style statement for Outhouse.

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