Outhouse, Mumbai
Outhouse is an everlasting romance between their passion for jewellery and love for story telling. The brand boasts of being inspired by their travels. Their learnings of craftsmanship, luxury and design from these travels are synonymous not only to the Outhouse jewels but to the retail experience as well. Outhouse does have some classic nuances however at the same time they are unique, bold, confident and have an unapologetic spirit. They are about the finer details that one may not notice at the first glance. All these traits plus inspirations from the city of Mumbai translated into a brief and further into an outcome for creating a new identity for their new store.
The Site 

This seven hundred square feet space sits in heart of Bandra on Waterfield Road. The design team decided to take a slightly different route for this store. We wanted to display the bold values of Outhouse fused with inspirations from Mumbai in its colonial period using a minimalistic and clean route.

The design team wanted to push their existing eclectic boundaries into simpler ones to ensure their statement pieces stand out. We wanted to create a space that adapts to the brand’s evolving collection and stylization that goes from bold to elegant from time to time.

The character of the store owes itself to the materials chosen in the making. Oak wood and wicker—an element that was key in colonial Indian architecture, juxtapose the brand’s signature colours—salmon pink, grey and accents of brass. Oak wood and wicker have been stained in white to add a sense of serenity to the store. The Terrazzo flooring, a recurring trend of the ’90s, makes a comeback in the store and was customised in salmon peach with white chips to lend a synchronised ambience to it. The walls remain humble in a non-interfering grey cement finish.

The outhouse store is divided into four quadrants with a coloumn in the centre. A cement punned façade with white ash frames and wicker shutters welcome you into this serene space. The bottom two quadrants of the store showcase maximum of the jewellery display, with the cash counter being tucked in on the top right quadrant.

The cash counter also sits behind sliding folder wicker panels and doubles up as a bar during events. A small private enclosure in the top left quadrant serves as the Outhouse Couture Room for private one-on-one interactions, hence giving the customer the luxurious Outhouse experience through a bespoke service to help them pick the right pieces. The store is characterized with multiple kinds of shelving and storage systems-from tall display cabinets to low height vitrines with accents of brass. The white cabinetry creates the perfect contrast sitting on top of a salmon floor. Additionally, consoles at the front and rear end of the space are made with terrazzo tops. These shelving and storage units are broken by brass framed mirrors and wall and floor lamps. The vanity and projector showcasing Outhouse’s Mumbai reel draws special attention to the space. To conclude, these minimalistic elements and humble finishes come together beautifully to create a bold style statement.


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