The Chambers

New Delhi / 2016 / Area 1100 sq. ft.

Team: VritimA, Nida, Vedant

Covering a small area of eleven hundred square feet, this office space for a lawyer was transformed from two cramped rooms overflowing with papers into a space that breathes, reflects the client’s practice and contains adequate storage

Square in proportion the site is divided in almost two equal halves by a row of columns and constrained by low ceiling heights and beams dropping down to nearly six feet in some parts. Integrating the whole space into one using transparent partitions and allowing movement from one zone to the other comfortably were the key aspects in this project. The space accommodates 2 large cabins for the senior partners, a conference room, workstations, reception, a small pantry and filing areas.

The flooring is defined by grey tiles in the public areas and wooden floors in the private cabins. Combination of exposed red brick, pop punned walls and an open ceiling with a neat lighting grid describe the rest of the shell. The space is divided by metal and glass partitions, some sliding and some pivoted, hence integrating the whole space.The shell is highlighted with matte black and oak wood furniture.
The matte black cabinetry stands against the red brick walls creating a strong visual contrast. The oak wood binds and adds a softer touch to the space. Reinvented versions of pieces like the Cesca chair have been used to add an eclectic mix of furniture into the space. Tones of black, oak, grey, beige and tan come together to transform this tedious space into an inspiring one.

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