Ankur and Priyanka Modi

Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalor, Kolkatta
Years 2015-18 / Area 300-3000 sq. ft.

Team: Vritima Wadhwa, Nida Ansari

Ankur and Priyanka Modi’s stores involved creating a design language that spelled purity, grace and is a perfect weft of the brands traditional and contemporary values.The language for this brand is built on the morals of details, linearity, geometry and graphics handpicked from their collections over the years.

Cast in-situ terrazzo floors, cement board walls, intensive use of black metal and copper elements characterize their stores.

While terrazzo hints at tradition, the minimalistic, geometric and neat black-metal shelving symbolizes the contemporary value that the brand represents.

The geometric sensibility of the shelving is broken by organic shaped tables and surfaces. Cement boards and mirror panelling illustrating the wall space, form the perfect backdrop for the store. Exposed ceilings painted in charcoal grey, suspended metal trellis’ with light details comprise of the top layer.

Evenly lit merchandise and darker corridors in other zones create a playful mood for in the stores. A hint of opulence is shown through the copper details seen in the patterns on the wall and details of the shelving and signage’s.

Identifying materials true to its identity and using them in their purest forms without making the surfaces over- crude was a challenge. The scale of every element was described and all elements were moduled such as to fit into stores of various scales and sizes. Project 810 has designed twelve stores of varied scales for the brand across India.

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