Depot 48

New Delhi / 2016 / Area 1100 sq. ft.

Team : Vritima, Tanya, Surbhi

Nestled on the second floor overlooking a park, this forty seater restaurant is located in one of South Delhi’s upscale markets. The prime most important brief was to design an acoustically sound environment, which would be a pleasure for both the artists to perform as well as the guests to experience.

The other part of the brief from the client was to create a warm space with good circulation. Initially, a clean rectangular shell with an exposed structural system of I-beams & walls with unfinished brickwork, the small space posed a challenge in achieving optimum space utilisation. With the smart use of nooks and corners, the design was able to meet both the aesthetic & the practical needs of the clients. Industry-leading experts were consulted to find the right materials to give the venue an unparalleled acoustic definition.

The materials used for the space comprise of Grey tiled floors, exposed brick walls and the ceiling fitted with acoustic boards. Some of the walls have been highlighted with acoustic panels stapled using metal sections and exposed bolts framed in black and white. The other walls have large acoustic panels, which are made, in the form of installations using metal and acoustic boards. Having 60% of the walls and about 75% of the ceiling clad with acoustic materials the venue affords for a great listening experience. The wood used to craft the furniture is pure teak highlighted with wicker, with the seat tailored in quality tan leather. The Bar features a stone slab, wooden cabinetry and backlit shelves supported with exposed metal reinforcements, keeping with the linear design language. The lighting system created for the space consists of adjustable lighting and exposed Edison bulbs as a visual motif. Finally, the high-quality sound system and the translucent screens made with cassettes underlines the emphasis on music as a major theme.

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