The Hungry Monkey

This European eatery and bar, located in the heart of South Delhi, spans over 3800 sq.ft. across 3 floors which overlook the green oasis that is Deer Park. The name – Hungry Monkey is derived from a twofold thought; ‘Hungry’ from ‘Hunger for Knowledge’ and ‘Monkey’ as a metaphor for the undying curiosity and adventurous nature of the lesser primate. The name is celebrated through elements and materials used in the space. Its youthful vibe is highlighted through the large graphics, casted metal quotes and unique objects embedded in the floors and displayed on the metal shelves.From Edison Bulb Chandeliers to shelves derived from chemical bonding, the all new version of ‘Red Monkey’ in Defence Colony will surely attract any world explorer. Capturing the spirit of adventure through handpicked artifacts from across the ages to subtle embellishments of bare brick and concrete inlays, the Hungry Monkey is now on every map.


The clients, Sameer Kohli and Rohan Gupta were very clear on what they wanted to create. Hungry being interpreted as Curiosity and Monkey being decoded as Adventure, was the cue in developing the visual and conceptual sensibility of the restaurant. The idea was to stage a New York Loft vibe and inject it with the narrative of journey, experience and invention.

Characterized by bare brick white walls, wooden cladding on the dado, Edison bulb lighting elements, detailed mild steel shelving and artifacts that narrate discovery, invention and curiosity. Walls emphasized with quotes, large screen prints of artichokes, laboratory apparatus, wolves and flamingos on brightly coloured walls, constellations etched in brown mirror, a bar shelf derived from chemical reactions, inlay of unique objects in concrete tops and little elements on the floor come together to create the mood for the space. In hues of Brown, Orange, Metal and Concrete, the space is illuminated using candles and spots.

A french door and a rustic metal signage welcome you to a hidden loft- the second floor of the building is essentially a dining area, characterized with metal shelving and a semi open kitchen. A metal and sleeper wood staircase leads you to the third floor, which is the higher energy zone. The third floor houses the main bar, dj areas and is characterized by more laid back seating. The terrace has a small dispense bar with a cut-out in the slab which looks down into the Dj console.

Besides hosting an exceptional dining experience with engaging interiors, The Hungry Monkey is much more than the sum of its parts. It is a space to interact with close friends, connect with like-minded strangers, and humour your inner animal.

One of the major challenges we faced during construction was creating a double height feel in the slab as the building is old.


The process began with numerous meetings with the client in order to understand the design brief of the client the space we would be working with. It was followed by the creation of a concept for the project which involved trying to translate the elements into the space, elaborate on ideas and decide upon a name. The next step was to create a layout which would later be converted into 3d to better show spatial configuration. 


A sourcing of elements was then undertaken before intensive meetings with a graphic designer and production specialists to achieve the final look. Through the entirety of this process, budgeting and costing were done side by side along with a hands-on approach to the execution of all elements including the chandelier and inlaid elements. In the end, after multiple corrections to the wall texture, the painting was done in-house to get the desired effect. Working with un-trained craftsmen also added another level of difficulty to the project.


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