Cafe Diva

New Delhi / 2015 / Area 1100 sq. ft.

Team : Vritima Wadhwa, Kanika Jain

Celebrity chef, Ritu Dalmia’s brief for her new café was to create a fresh, simple and warm space. A minor digression from the existing Diva’s, the design team intended to distill some elements from them, hence keeping continuity in design. Located on the first floor of a food hub, the site was a clean rectangular shell.

The design of the space is a fine line between rustic & opulent and modern & contemporary.

An arched metal façade allowing outside light to filter into this space, creates an inviting mood. The bare shell is carved by extending this metal façade into a sweeping half vault into the space.

Clean and simple finishes adorn this café – hay and cement punned walls, red cedar panelling define the walls. Large panels of clear mirror have been used to accentuate the length of the space. The floor is a seamless aged concrete plane. The furniture language has an underlying contemporary theme to it with cabinetry supported on metal pipes framing the kitchen walls and a wine rack acting as a screen at the entrance. The furniture works on a muted color pallet working harmoniously with other elements of space, with winged booths and leather metal chairs. The space bathes in warm glow of light from adjustable track spots and printed linen lamps. The kitchen forming the heart of space, is characterized by clean tiles and large window openings for service.

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