Engine Co-working

Unbuilt / NCR / 2017 / Area 9000 sq. ft.

Team: Vritima, Shreya, Kanika , Pamaljeet

A human centered coworking that aims at being an inspiring community. This conceptual co-working space is a flexible space that encourages all modes of working. Work together, work alone, work alone- together – the layout allows for different kinds of private & public, quiet & conversation workspaces that have been carefully designed to cultivate experiences that contribute to individual and communal growth. ‘Engine’ creates varied opportunities for doing and learning.

While there are areas for focused working and learning, the common spaces at Engine have been designed to initiate interaction between young individuals from diverse fields of work. These break out zones designed with a minimal colour palette of whites, greys, black and red tones, create opportunities for engagement, collision and intersection of people.

Sitting in the heart of the space is a high energy cafe envisioned to be a multipurpose space for events and entertainment as well. This double height glazed atrium was designed to give our space vertical expanse and allow for more natural light. Customised terrazzo floors, hand glazed tiles, oak wood furniture and mild steels elements define this green space.

Engine is an environment of possibilities where creators endlessly collaborate, cultivating ideas that change cultures. At the heart of every movement, there is an Engine, powered by those who dream different.

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