New Delhi / 2019 / Area 600 sq. ft

Team : Vritima Wadhwa, Chandana Subair

Kunafa is a small and snug café serving Middle Eastern savoury and sweet delights.

A tall corner facade with semi arched metal mullions and clear glass allows for ample amount of light to pour into this little cafe. The indoors, dominated by an interactive kitchen is highlighted with dusty blue handmade tiles and a seamless grey interface & flowing white moulding, framing it’s front. With white walls adding a sense of lightness and a rust stained ceiling adding warmth to the shell, the space actually comes alive through its tailor made elements.

Bespoke floor tiles and printed veneered table tops, adorned with patterns from the brand’s identity, are the elements in focus.

The layering created through brass and birch wood shelving systems introduce a sense of the luxury reminiscent of the middle eastern aesthetic.

The little accents of brass, antique mirror’s- typed with the brands offerings and fluted glass pendants from our vintage finds, add to this character. Natural aylight is replaced by warm spots creating a homely glow as the evening sky grows.

This warm, intimate, young & fun space, is a first representation of it’s multiple outlets to come.

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