Kaffa Cerrado

New Delhi / 2019 / Area 10,800 sq. ft.

Team : Vritima Wadhwa, Sahil Khatri, Nida Ansari

Kaffa Cerrado – a coffee roastery sourcing coffees from around the world and roasting beans fresh to order. Set in the industrial backdrop of Okhla, their headquarters spread across four floors, their small cafe on the ground floor is a straightforward reflection of this modern and humble coffee brand

Set in a red brick building, this double height volume was envisioned to be a minimal & clean space that’s offers a true coffee experience. Drenched in natural light pouring through a sixteen feet tall metal and glass façade, the main focus of the cafe lies on the bar. A split levelled wood clad & marble counter, white handmade tiles, shelving reaching the ceiling and menus suspended through a thin trellis like structure, compose this elevation.

While natural finishes in mild steel, grey tiled floors, white & taupe walls create a neutral backdrop, other small details and graphics create the highlights. The cabinetry & woodwork done in teak throughout the café have been made by local artisans. The varied seating formats encourage the customer to interact or work alone comfortably. Escaping the hustle of the factory neighbourhood, this tall open space is a refuge in this urban jungle. The first and second floors covering 2700 sq.ft. each are the spacious corporate spaces for the brand.

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