Koncept Prive´

New Delhi / 2019 / 260 sq. ft.

Team : Vritima Wadhwa, Sahil Khatri, Aroop Guha

A fragrance store that houses luxury perfumes of the world – Koncept Privé is a modern and clean space that evokes the sense of a sun kissed sky. As the sun rises, a golden glow spreads in every direction – a feeling of serenity, purity and calm percolates through the shop. One leaves the bustle of a mall to enter into a space that engages all senses.

A beautiful golden orange hue transitions from the bottom right wall of the store to a serene off-white on the left. This matte gradation provides the perfect backdrop to the other elements that highlight the store – brushed brass and white marble shelves on the right and a pristine white step-level marble shelf on the left.

Brass shelving that wraps on the right wall, display the classic brands, while the premium brands are placed in clusters on the left. The seamless concrete floor and a central structure that arises from it, create a sense of balance in the store.

The white baffles suspended from the ceiling smoothly transition into the rear back walls tucking away all back of the house functions. This baffled ceiling not only incorporates all services but also gives an illusion of a larger space through it’s pasted antique mirror sections.

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