Friends Club

New Delhi / 2019 / Area 9000 sq. ft.

Team: Vritima, Vibha, Dhriti Gupta, Vivek Kumar

Located in an upscale area of New Delhi, this member-only club is a second home to its patrons. With new extensions on the upper floor plate, the committee’s brief urged us to envision a contemporary space keeping in mind the varied sensibilities of their members. With a fresh and contemporary take on its previously classic interior language, this new uplifting social space intends to be a home away from home.

The layout of this space seamlessly integrates different zones – the bar, cafe, sports lounge, private dining, into one larger entertainment space. While the bar and lounge areas are warmer and high energy zones with some classic features, the café and common areas have a more minimal and contemporary design mood. Varying in warmth with the layering of elements, the flooring in tones of dark grey and green tie the spaces together. While Kota in different finishes runs across the public spaces, cement terrazzo tiles are used in interesting patterns across the other areas. Off white pewter walls, metal partition systems, solid wood and wicker furniture are the common features that help narrate that one story.

The forty-seater café space is defined with a checkered pattern in green terrazzo and white marble. Solid oak & wicker furniture, teal blue paneling, wicker screens and bright tan upholstery characterise this contemporary setting. Sitting right next to the café, is the cosy sports bar and private dining. Plush upholsteries, darker furniture, accents walls in fluted plaster moldings describe these zones. The highest energy zone - the bar, is adorned with a beautiful green and dark grey terrazzo floor laid in a chevron pattern. Featuring dark wood panelling, elements in wicker, rich forest-green counter tops, plush leather upholsteries and accents of bespoke brass features, this well-lit bar goes from being naturally lit during the day to being a dimly lit high energy zone as the sun sets.

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