Go Gourmet
A fresh food brand, Go Gourmet is designed, conceptualized and headed by its parent company the Jubilant Group. With the growing health awareness and demand for fresh food, the Food kiosk offers fresh and green nourishments, focusing on food to be healthy and wholesome. Their product range includes a wide range of sandwiches, salads, meals and freshly squeezed drinks and juices.

The project was initiated with understanding of the needs of the brand and kiosk – space allocation, services required and the brief. Ideation of the brief was followed by developing a design concept, defining the material palette and detailing out in a modular format. Bringing flexibility in the project, the kiosk was designed in modules that can be put together and adapted as per the location. The kiosk is defined by matte black mild steel sections that grip the structure strong. Natural oak and concrete surfaces add a sense of earthiness bringing life to the Kiosk. The graphics play an integral role in defining the design language and making the kiosk interactive.

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