810 / ONE

Our first furniture collection / 2019-2020

Team : Vritima Wadhwa, Aroop Ratan Guha, Hitesh Kumar

One, Our first collection. This range is an ode to materials we love, forms we admire and the simplicity we want to achieve. Inspired from the shadows of our spaces, the collection has a mid-century nostalgia woven into the contemporary Indian aesthetic. 810/One can be seen as a confluence of materials waltzing in a graceful harmony to create striking silhouettes. Born out of an appreciation for the yesteryear, the handcrafted pieces are a manifestation of the elegance of earthy materials.

Between austere and playful, the furniture embodies a whole spectrum of emotions. From the melancholy of Rumi to fluidity of Renga, the collection is one poetic experience.

Balancing the scale between minimal and majestic, each piece is designed to complement - Be it with others in the collection, or with the soul of your space.

810/One stems from a sheer love for form, design & craftsmanship. Listen closely for the story of its earnest origins.

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