PVR Gourmet Popcorn

A gourmet popcorn service that originates from India’s first popcorn brand 4700BC. The brand delivers popcorn in close to eighteen flavours including Chocolate, Caramel, Potpourri and Cheese and aims to deliver the same in the freshest possible manner. Made with quality ingredients and using international techniques and equipment, PVR Gourmet Popcorn aims to add that special touch to your movie-going experience and is also available in take away tins and special gift packs. The design intervention required us to create a visual and retail identity for the brand in collaboration with graphic designer Dipannita Dutt. It was essential to include elements signifying sense of grandeur and elegance, associated with PVR. Key starting words to the project included sophistication, playfulness, tradition and credibility. The design team worked closely with the Business heads of both companies and Dipannita to achieve the final product. The visual identity included branding and developing a complete range of packaging across for cinemas and retail.  The retail identity included developing a cart and kiosk that could be adapted for multiple spaces.

Process & Description

 The design process of visual and retail identity went hand and hand. For retail identity design the process was multi-layered, including understanding of functional aspects such as space utilisation, product care and construction to the overall kiosk aesthetics. A classic colour palette of black and white is worked with having a hint of earthiness and flamboyance .The kiosk involved intensive rounds of prototyping with design execution team. It is made in modules which can be assembled at site making it logistically feasible and adaptable for various locations. Durable materials like MDF and mild steel make up its structure. This is finished in laminate with white corian working surface and the metal being electroplated to a dull brass finish. The kiosk is defined by a heavy base in black and oak surfaces, crowned with a light yet sturdy brass framework. The overall design language comprises of clean sinuous lines with neat construction details. It is enlivened by emissive graphic surfaces. Customized large acrylic jars have continuous supply from the dehumidifier that keeps the popcorn a hundred percent fresh. Besides developing bold yet sophisticated aesthetics the kiosk also considers optimum space utilization and a modular construction technique.

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