Kama Ayurveda
Spread over 360 sq.ft. in India’s most expensive retail high street, Kama Ayurveda is a luxury Ayurvedic brand housing beauty & wellness products. The idea was to recreate the sophistication & glamour of Indian interiors from the early 20th century. The store has been designed and conceptualised by Vritima Wadhwa for Studio Lotus. An underlying theme of British India was ideated for the brand vision and concept was created through several sketches, references and prototyping.

A sense of Indian luxury was recreated through the period details, checker board marble floor, solid wood vitrine’s, rattan shutters and elements using brass. A shelving detail was exclusively designed for the brand.

On the other hand the closeness to nature was shown using the stripped brick bare walls, exposed ceiling and a simple facade. All furniture & shelving details were specially designed and customized for the shop.


Being the brand’s flagship store the concept design period was phased over 3 long months with multiple design alterations being delivered to the client. An underlying theme of British India was ideated for the brand vision and concept was created through several sketches, references and prototyping. The final outcome was expressed through a series of mood boards, plans and views created over a period of two months. Shelving details using locally available materials like brass and mild steel were developed and detailed for the brand for all its stores. Signage and graphics were developed with the help of Vivek Sahni Design.All elements were especially prototyped for the store-from the wicker shutters to the brass finials on the shelves. Khan market and its clientele were also researched in order to better to create a design theme for the store. A height of 14 ft was achieved unlike most stores in the zone.

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