Jenjum Gadi
Crafted from the concept of the warp and weft, Jenjum Gadi’s first store was formed with a vision to give his patrons greater exclusivity. A project created through Studio Lotus, the concept of the warp and weft has been translated into a simple metal shelving system. Use of prints and materials of the northeast, an identity apparent in Jenjum’s collections, has been used to enhance the language of the store. A simple display system and quick remodeling of the space helped us create the look for Jenjum’s first very store in this city.
The store has an interesting combination of brick and plaster work – with chiselled white washed walls and brick flooring. Metal shelving covers the walls, reaching a weight of almost three hundred kilos on either side. Detailing hanging from the ceiling includes 70 mm wide metal plates which terminate into round disk forms.  The store also boasts customized hangers made by Sandeep Sangaru based in Bangalore. Tribal Pattern-vinyl cut has been used to enhance the details. All white patter in the front of the plate, colourful at the back of the plate. Reflects in the mirror at the back. Highlights also include a cash counter which is made in mirror and signage which is laser cut in mirror and pasted on to metal sheets.
As all our processes do, this too began with a site survey and several meetings with the clients to understand their brief and budget. This was followed by an elaboration of layouts before coming down to a finalized layout with which the clients were approached. A final decision was also made on the materials which were to be used to bring to life the design. In this case, it was metal, bamboo and prints. The initial hope was to weft jute through the metal slats but the cost of doing the same was high. Instead, the direction of an exploration of metal hangings, hangers and prints was undertaken.
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