Fio Cookhouse & Bar

A stylish and slick new restaurant set amidst the hustle and bustle of the concrete around is an oasis in itself.  Spanning over 5000 sq.ft. with an outdoor and indoor zone, the restaurant houses a somber and formal ambience. Decorated mostly with brown, olive and beige and adorned with a massive wall of mementoes. It’s a place for a stylish company dinner, special celebration with family or a romantic wining and dining experience.

The brief was based on the idea of creating an organic, modern and warm indoor space with a lot of greenery. With an extremely practical kitchen, the inspiration stemmed from its sister outlet, which is situated in the open expanse of the garden. A great amount of inspiration was also drawn from the materials that were being used in the space.

Bare concrete floor with brass inlays broken by a polished Pocadas marble bar, large metal glazing with wooden louvers, high ceilings with a metal trellis, olive green pillars, white wash rough plaster and brick walls create the base for beautifully detailed elements which create the second layer. Floor to ceiling wooden library spanning from end to end,  metal and brass sections put together to create a large feature above the bar. Metal pendants with customised shades, solid wood furniture inspired by Scandinavian form binds the space together. Each and every piece was customised for the space. Linen curtains, earthy fabrics and olive green spurts in the upholstery soften the space.


Project 810 has been an integral part of the conceptualizing and design team and has designed, developed and manufactured all the furniture, upholstery and lighting elements in the space. All the furniture has been made in house by our bespoke furniture team at Designers Home.

The main dining chairs have been inspired by Benjamin Hubert’s maritime chair. The chair is a solid wood and upholstered version of his creation. The other furniture has been derived from Scandinavian forms. The tables are simple with beautiful teak veneer pressed in a pattern. All the furniture has been upholstered in linen. A beautiful print was also developed and printed on linen for the lounge chairs.


The process of conceptualizing began in September/October of 2012 and the final product was opened to diners in July/August of 2013. The initial brief given to us was to create an organic, modern and warm space with a lot of greenery. The kitchen was to be high end and extremely functional. Separate large areas were to be designated to manager cabins, walk in freezers, L4 storages and service rooms. The main inspiration was drawn from the materials used in the space. We wanted to create a large open space yet give the feeling of warmth and comfort when one sat down at the table. We were clear of our vision to have a concrete floor with a beautiful white bar and of an end-to-end library. We were sure using a lot of wood in the space and of the kind of furniture we wanted. Putting it all together was a major task we had to undertake.  It all began with the floor marking of the finalized layout.  All materials, ranging from the correct wall texture, lights, fabrics  to metal and glass for glazing underwent intensive scrutiny. The furniture too was not left unscathed as ten prototypes were made for the chairs and tables casted ten times to get the desired form. Final touches included our involvement in the finer details such as the crockery and cutlery.
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